1. The contents and materials of the recruitment advertisements published on HKSA’s website are solely provided by the entities/persons posting the relevant advertisement (“the Recruiters”).  The message contained in the advertisement are expressed solely by the Recruiters and not Hong Kong Securities Association Limited (“HKSA”).

  1. Under no circumstances does HKSA accept any liability for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the use of or the inability to use, by any person (including any third party), the advertisement(s) uploaded or transmitted by the Recruiters via HKSA’s website and the contents thereof, including without limitation, any mistakes or omission in such contents or any deletion, error or delay in the transmission or loss of any contents or materials uploaded or transmitted via HKSA’s website.

  1. HKSA’s website is only provided to the Recruiters as a platform for publishing recruitment advertisements and with a view that job seekers may contact the Recruiters directly.  HKSA is not an intermediary of either the Recruiters or the job seekers and HKSA does not accept any legal liability or other liability in respect thereof.

  1. All job application information (including resume and personal information etc.) must be submitted by job seekers to the Recruiters directly.  HKSA will never collect or receive any information of job seekers on behalf of the Recruiters.




  1. 于本协会网页发布的招聘广告的内容及材料仅由惠登相关广告的机构/人仕(“招聘人”)负责。广告所表达的讯息仅属于招聘人,并不属于本协会。
  1. 在任何情况下,对于任何人(包括任何第三者)因使用或无法使用招聘人通过本协会网页上传或发送的广告及其内容,包括但不限于该等内容中的任何错误或遗漏,或通过本协会网页上传或发送的任何内容或材料的任何删除、错误或延迟发送或丢失而直接或间接引致或与该等使用或无法使用有关的任何损失或损害,本协会概不负上法律责任。
  1. 本协会只提供本协会网页予招聘人作为刊登招聘广告的平台,让求职者直接联络招聘人。本协会既不是招聘人及/或求职者的中介人,亦不会承担任何相关的法律责任及/或其他责任。
  1. 求职者须直接递交职位申请资料(包括履历表及个人资料等)予招聘人,本协会绝不会代表招聘人收取求职者的任何资料

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