CPT in November

Guidelines on Online Distribution and Advisory Platforms and Offline Requirements Applicable to Complex Products Speakers: Elizabeth Wong, Senior Manager, Investment Products Grace Yeung, Senior Manager,Intermediaries Supervision, Intermediaries   Using CME Group products to express views on 2019 Q1 global investment outlook Speakers: Jonathan Ng, “US Stock Captain” – CME Group…

25/10 CPT

"Open-ended fund companies – the new corporate fund regime in Hong Kong" Ms Grace Chan, Director and Ms Chloe Wong, Manager, Investment Products, SFC "Introduction and Application of Faster Payment System (FPS)" Mr Ho Wai Man, Dick, Head of Performance and Productivity Division, Personal Banking and Wealth Management Department, BOCHK
Sent email to inform members about the details of the government's upcoming sale new batch of the Silver Bond.
Sent e-mail to inform members about the special offer of《"Hong Kong Towards Faster Payment" Conference》 organized by Hong Kong Fintech Federation on 16 Oct.